The Baldwin Gentlemen

Our Story 


The Beginning

The idea for The Baldwin Gentlemen was created back in 2013 in D.C. As a young 20-something, our founder Emeka had an active social life but he longed for more meaningful connections amongst gay men beyond clubs, bars, online apps, and social media. He wanted friendships with other professionals who were dynamic, authentic, interesting, and, most importantly, supportive of his wild ideas. Several conversations later, it was clear there was a need to create a robust network for professional gay men, like himself, who were seeking a genuine community to experience new adventures, debate political foolishness, and most importantly, bond over everyday life situations. These experiences gave birth to what is now The Baldwin Gentlemen.

Our Team 

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The Baldwin Gentlemen. A private members club for gay men in Los Angeles (LA). Anthony.Emeka


Anthony.Emeka is a native Angeleno. He lived in D.C. for most of his 20’s, with a stint in Berkeley, Accra, Nashville, Pittsburgh, and LA, before moving to Toronto and finally relocating back to southern California. Emeka is an adventurer, avid traveler, and 90's R&B junkie who loves bold red wines, fine whiskeys, and live jazz concerts. He considers himself a social connector who enjoys building community, laughing out loud, playing tennis, and intimate late-night conversations. If you want to get on his good side, reference a 90’s song lyric mid-conversation. He’ll lose it.

Emeka earned a BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management.

Operations Architect 

Tory Cason is a clinical psychologist who specializes in multicultural and community psychology. Hailing form Atlanta, Georgia, Tory brings his experience building organizational systems with start-ups, understanding the needs of C-Suite executives, and experience consulting with small businesses. Fluent in Spanish, he has spent time in Mexico and Spain. 

Tory holds a BA from Morehouse College, an MA from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, and a Psy.D. from Alliant International University.

Tory Cason // The Baldwin Gentlemen. A private members-club for gay men of color in Los Angeles (LA).

Our Name 

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Words Are Important.

People often ask "Why Baldwin?" It’s quite simple. Baldwin is derived from the German language and means BOLD, BRAVE FRIEND. That is exactly who we strive to be- an evolving community of distinguished bold, brave gentlemen.