Code of Conduct + Membership Options


The mission of The Baldwin Gentlemen is to foster and promote a community of professional gay men of color who seek to increase their social capital and expand their cultural palate.

The Code of Conduct is created to uphold the integrity of the Baldwin community amongst our members and guests. The goal of our Code of Conduct is to create a baseline of member expectations.

As a community of men with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, it is reasonable to anticipate that there will be some misunderstandings, interpersonal conflicts, and even members who do not get along. It happens. It is not our intention to ensure that everyone becomes friends, but we do aim to foster a welcoming and safe environment for our members and guests to feel respected. We created the Code of Conduct to prevent an unwelcoming or hostile environment from developing that could threaten the integrity of the our community.

As a member of the Baldwin Community, you agree to:

1. Always show respect for your fellow Baldwin Gentlemen.

If a disagreement or conflict arises between members, it is recommended that the members make an earnest attempt to resolve the matter between them peacefully and respectfully. If a resolution cannot be found between the members, it is suggested that the members acquiesce to their different points of view, and continue to engage with one another peacefully and respectfully, as gentlemen. 

2. Always show respect to all invited guests who participate in Baldwin events.

If a disagreement or conflict arises between a member and a guest, it is requested that the member make an earnest attempt to resolve the matter peacefully and respectfully with the guest in a manner that does not disrupt the atmosphere of the event. If a resolution cannot be found, it is recommended that the member refrains from engaging with the guest until the conclusion of the event.

3. Refrain from making any racial, ethnic, religious, ageist, sexist, body shaming, sexual-orientation or gender-related slurs or derogatory comments at Baldwin events. 

It is always in good form to speak to and about others respectfully and in a manner that is not offensive, preferably in the manner he or she wants to be addressed. Please respectfully address others as they wish to be addressed.  

4. Refrain from making unwanted sexual advances towards other members or guests.

Members shall not act in a manner that can be deemed as sexual harassment, which includes unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome requests for sexual favors, or any other unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. 

5. Refrain from acting in a manner that disrupts or impedes the success of Baldwin events.

This is not limited to but includes displays of aggressive, belligerent, or hostile behavior; drunk and/or disorderly conduct; any type of physical altercation; or causing damage to rented or owned property.

Please report violations of the Code of Conduct directly to The Baldwin Gentlemen by phone or in writing via email at Reported violations of the Code of Conduct shall be acknowledged and reviewed within 24 hours. The circumstance of the allegations will be immediately investigated.

Failure to follow the Codes of Conduct could lead to a member’s suspension or expulsion from The Baldwin Gentlemen. If the Code of Conduct violation is determined to be a minor issue but still warrants an intervention, a plan of action will be pursued to prevent it from occurring in the future.

By accepting membership with The Baldwin Gentlemen, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to the Baldwin Code of Conduct as defined above. I also understand that if I violate the code of conduct, in any way, shape, or form, that my Baldwin membership may be suspended and/or revoked.